Torucon 2015 with Kybernesis

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Aug 272015

Thank you all for such a great weekend at Torucon 2015! This year, like last year, we were really impressed with all your cosplays and all the efforts you had put into your outfits. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out and follow us on Instagram and Twitter (@kyberneses) and feel free to look through our images from the weekend.

Torucon 2015 cosplay collage

Here’s a collage of some of the awesome cosplay we witnessed on Torucon 2015.

Note: if you find your image on a collage and would like to have just your own image, please don’t hesitate to send us a message and we’ll get it sent to you!

Wasteland Rumble prototype at Torucon 2015

Torucon 2015 Wasteland Rumble prototype

Screenshot from the Wasteland Rumble prototype

Finally, what we enjoyed the most with #torucon2015 was, of course, to see you all enjoy our released game #wastelandbarfight and the prototype for #wastelandrumble. We cannot thank you all enough for your feedback provided through reactions and by filling out questionnaires. We can only make sure to use the feedback to create games that, if you follow us, will keep entertaining you all!

Until next time,
Yours sincerely,

Team Kybernesis

Kybernesis looking for Contract Work

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Aug 112015

We need Contract Work

Kybernesis started up back in 2008 and were incorporated in 2013. We’ve released only one game, but have done a lot of contract work within Unity 3D and we development. But now it has sadly come to this, we’re running out of money…

Therefore we’re reaching out with this post to see if anyone have any paid contract work that need a team of game developers/designers/artists i the near future?


We can do anything within visual, interactive applications, mobile apps, websites, graphic design, etc.

Within Game Development we’ve mainly worked with Unity 3D, but also have experience with HTML5, Flash and Unreal Engine 4 in addition to game design theory, user experience and GUI.

Programming skills we have include C++, C#, Java, HTML5/CSS3/JS and PHP. We also don’t have any problem delving into other programming languages.

Graphic skills include modeling and animation with Blender, 3D Studio Max and Maya, and graphic design with Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash.

Contact us!

If you have any paid contract work, want to enter a collaboration or know someone who needs a studio with our skill set, don’t hesitate taking contact through our contact form.

Contract Work Header

Corp Wars Equity Crowdfunding

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Mar 182015

Corp Wars Equity Crowdfunding on FundedByMe

We have just launched our Corp Wars Equity Crowdfunding campaign on FundedByMe and we’ve already gotten our first investment offer! That’s awesomesauce right there!

Head on over to read more about our plans for Corp Wars and if you’re interested, feel free to add an offer to invest too!

You can also see our CEO’s live pitch at Technoport 2015 tonight. Streaming will start at 20:00 (8pm) GMT+1.

The new style of Corp Wars

Our Art Director, Ståle “RoboRogue” Tevik, landed on an awesome low-poly style that we will use in our Corp Wars games from now on! You can check out some great examples in our Corp Wars Equity Crowdfunding campaign or just check out the images below!

You’re all welcome to leave a comment about our choice of style or our Corp Wars Equity Crowdfunding campaign below 🙂

Game Connection and GDC 2015: Meet Kybernesis

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Feb 272015

Meet Kybernesis at Game Connection and GDC 2015

We’re heading to sunny California next week! More specifically San Francisco to attend Game Connection and GDC 2015 along with tons of other Norwegian game companies! So if you’re attending any of those, be sure to stop by and say hello!

Corp Wars: Konvoy prototype

You will also have a chance to be one of the first to test out an extremely buggy, but hopefully awesome prototype of our next game in development, Corp Wars: Konvoy at Game Connection and GDC 2015 booths 248 and PL633 respectively.

Corp Wars: Konvoy - Game Connection and GDC 2015

Wastelander Transport from Corp Wars: Konvoy

Corp Wars: Konvoy will feature an explore-the-world mode, not unlike the Sid Meier’s Pirates games, where the cities you can visit will be populated with player cities when we release our city builder some time in the future. Until then there will still be cities to visit, but just the ones made by us.

There will also be a quick travel system, not unlike the one in FTL and Out There for those that aren’t huge fans of exploration, however some things will of course only be discoverable by exploration. The game will also feature a quest/mission system, also not unlike what FTL and Out There are doing, but with our own twist of course.

While exploring or quick travelling you will of course stumble unto raiders that want to take your hard earned money or any goods you’re transporting, but fret not, you will meet them prepared! You Konvoy transports can be mounted with cannon turrets and beside your transports you will have smaller attack vehicles ready to defend the Konvoy with just gesture from your finger. The combat mode is mainly inspired by Strikefleet Omega, but we’re of course adding our own twist there too.

As you most likely figured already, Corp Wars: Konvoy is deeply inspired by games like Sid Meier’s Pirates, FTL, Out There and Strikefleet Omega, and I also must add that the just released Sunless Sea also managed to add some ideas to our concept over the last couple weeks.

Wasteland Bar Fight

And we will of course have an Android tablet dedicated to Wasteland Bar Fight at both Game Connection and GDC 2015 booths. If you haven’t tried it out yet, you should head on over to Google Play and try it out! It’s completely free with ads.

We will bring the tablet with us on the countless parties during Game Connection and GDC 2015 too, so there will be ample chances to relieve some aggression with Wasteland Bar Fight instead of starting real bar fights.

Game Connection and GDC 2015: Wasteland Bar Fight puking

Wasteland Bar Fight can even handle the puking for you if you drink too much!

Hope to see you at Game Connection and GDC 2015! 😀

Wasteland Bar Fight Released Globally

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Jan 232015

Wasteland Bar Fight Released Globally! Wasteland Bar Fight have finally been made available globally, except a few chosen Asian countries due to localization.

Wasteland Bar Fight Global Release

 Wasteland Bar Fight Released on Google Play globally!

We have finally opened up our Google Play availability for the Wasteland Bar Fight Release to include all countries except a chosen few Asian countries, due to localization needs. So if you have an Android device, head on over to Google Play, install the game; it’s 100% free with interstitial ads now and then, and do tell us what you think in a review while you leave a rating!

Some players have reported that their Android device’s back button won’t open the quit dialogue, so we added a Quit button on the Main Menu. Also some players have reported that they only get an error when trying to install the game. It seems it has to do with installing games to external storage, so we have now changed it so it no longer force install on external SD when it’s available.

And last, but certainly not least, we have uploaded a brand new trailer with updated gameplay footage from Wasteland Bar Fight on YouTube. Check it out below and do subscribe to our channel!

Kybernesis at Pocket Gamer Connects 2015 in London

We had a blast at Pocket Gamer Connects last week in London! There were many people who visited our stand, tried out Wasteland Bar Fight and gave us invaluable feedback. And we had tons of interest around our main concept, Corp Wars too!

On that note, as we mentioned in our last post we also were part of their Very Big Indie Pitch with Corp Wars. I managed to make all of the judges raise their eyebrows with my pitch and some have even inquired about Corp Wars after the pitch, which tells us that we’re definitely unto something here 😀

Harry Slater at Pocket Gamer stopped by our stand and tried out Wasteland Bar Fight and wrote an awesome preview of the game: #PGConnects: Hands-on with quick-tap grungy brawler Wasteland Bar Fight.

Wasteland Bar Fight released globally

Kybernesis & Wasteland Bar Fight Wiki on Giant Bomb

You can now find Kybernesis Company Wiki and Wasteland Bar Fight Game Wiki over at Giant Bomb. We’ll do our best to keep those wikis updated as we keep developing our franchise concept, Corp Wars and develop new games. So feel free to connect with us there too 🙂

Wasteland Bar Fight availability extended

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Jan 082015

Wasteland Bar Fight availability has been extended to include all the Nordic countries, UK, India, Indonesia, South Africa and Mexico.

Wasteland Bar Fight availability on Google Play has been extended

Wasteland Bar Fight availability on Google Play has been extended!

As promised in our last post, we now have some great news to more of you want-to-become barroom brawlers out there! Wasteland Bar Fight availability has just been extended into all of the Nordic countries; Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland in addition to India, Indonesia, Mexico, South Africa and United Kingdom.

So if you reside in any of these countries head on over to Wasteland Bar Fight on Google Play and install the game! And don’t forget to rate it and leave a review, however short, positive or negative!

Still no iOS or Windows Phone version, but I can assure you, it’s in the works!

Wasteland Bar Fight availability extended

Very Big Indie Pitch @ Pocket Gamer Connects 2015

In other great news, we at Kybernesis have been picked to pitch our awesome concept, Corp Wars, at the Very Big Indie Pitch @ this years Pocket Gamer Connects in London! We are also delegates this year, which means we will have a table where we will show off Wasteland Bar Fight and concept art from our other concepts so if you’re attending, do come by and say hello 🙂

Dec 312014

Wasteland Bar Fight Soft Launch

Wasteland Bar Fight Soft Launch available in Norway and India on Android

After careful consideration we decided to the smartest thing with any launch of a new game, do a soft launch first! And since we’re based in Norway that is our first country to launch in of course. India is a choice we have done carefully because of the business model we chose for Wasteland Bar Fight and fits perfectly for our way of testing the business model.

We’re planning to expand the Wasteland Bar Fight Soft Launch into several other countries to further test our business model during the coming weeks, until we finally release the game globally which we will announce in due time, both here and in press releases.

So if you reside in Norway or India, head on over to the Wasteland Bar Fight site and hit that Android button and install the game! And don’t forget to rate it and leave a review, however short, positive or negative it is!

Everyone else! Be patient, once the Wasteland Bar Fight Soft Launch is over, the game will be made available globally. But until then, we will keep our beta testing community up and going while we add more bars, survival mode and new achievements to the game; feel free to join up and keep testing our future beta builds!

Oh and for all you Apple and Microsoft fans out there, fear not, we’re working on both iOS and Windows Phone versions!

SlideDB’s App of the Year update

A huge congratulations goes out to the top 5 Apps of the Year and especially this year’s winner, Steampunker. Wasteland Bar Fight ended up on a 6th place during the finale and we’re ecstatic about getting so high up on the list with a game that wasn’t even released yet! So thank you everyone! Next time we have a game listed, we’ll win for sure! 😀

Wasteland Bar Fight is Nominated

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Dec 122014

Wasteland Bar Fight is Nominated for SlideDB’s App of the Year 2014! And you all helped achieve that! But it’s not over! Keep voting and we might win yet!

Wasteland Bar Fight is Nominated for SlideDB's App of the Year 2014

Wasteland Bar Fight is Nominated for SlideDB’s App of the Year 2014

2014 App of the Year Awards via Slide DB

I am sure most of you know that we were fighting to be nominated in SlideDB’s App of the Year 2014 awards after my shameless promotion on all social networks. Well, the results are in and we can now announce that Wasteland Bar Fight is Nominated for SlideDB’s App of the Year 2014!

We ended up on 9th place and are now among the 50 nominated fighting for the esteemed title of App of the Year 2014! So one battle is won, but we still need to win the war! And for that we need you awesome people to fight for us again!

Head on over to our SlideDB page or click the widget to the left here and click that vote button! The button will take you to a new page so make sure you’re listed as VOTED before closing your window 🙂

We would appreciate any mentions, shares, tweets and even jungle telegraph spreading of the word to make as many as possible help us climb the ladder to the top! Let’s make Wasteland Bar Fight SlideDB’s App of the Year 2014!

Wasteland Bar Fight has passed 50% supported on Epocu

Support Wasteland Bar Fight on Epocu

Our Epocu campaign is still running and we have just passed 50%! But we still need those last 50 supporters!

Since this is our first game we desperately need to spread the word about Wasteland Bar Fight. So we would really, really appreciate it if all of you who read this, could head on over to the campaign page and give us your support so we reach 100% before December 18th 😀

Just click the image to the left here or goto this url to vote:

And do remember that we are releasing Wasteland Bar Fight on December 17th!

Wasteland Bar Fight Icon

As we announced in an earlier post, Wasteland Bar Fight will be made available on Google Play on December 17th!

Mark the date, install the game, play the game and give us your rating; good and bad, we love all feedback! And do remember to leave a review of what you like or dislike about the game!

Looking forward to hear what you think!

Support Wasteland Bar Fight

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Dec 082014

Support Wasteland Bar Fight

Support Wasteland Bar Fight on Epocu

Support Wasteland Bar Fight on EpocuWe’re currently running an Epocu campaign for Wasteland Bar Fight. “What is Epocu?” you probably ask, glad you asked! Epocu is a kind of crowdsourcing, not for money, but for your tweets and Facebook posts. You can read more about what Epocu is and how it works on their FAQ-page.

You might follow up with “What’s in it for you then?”, and it’s a valid question! When the campaign has run it’s course and ends, all those who have supported the campaign with their tweets and posts will simultaneously share our message on their Twitter and Facebook automagically, creating a viral presence that will help Wasteland Bar Fight become more visible on the interwebs.

Sounds like something you would be willing to do for us? Head on over to our campaign page and support Wasteland Bar Fight now! 😀

Support Wasteland Bar Fight on SlideDB

Support Wasteland Bar Fight - App of the Year Awards
We’re also one of the runner-ups for SlideDB’s App of the Year 2014! The highest we managed to get so far has been 6th place and that’s not bad at all! But during the weekend we fell a bit down, so we would really appreciate it if you also could head on over to our SlideDB page and give us your vote! And do feel free to spread the word, so we can at least get back up to Top 10 before the first round is over 😀

And remember, they track IP-addresses for the votes, so vote from all the networks you have access to; home network, work, mobile, etc.

Just click here or click the image on the right to get to the voting page, it will only take two seconds 😀

Support Wasteland Bar Fight on IndieDB

Support Wasteland Bar Fight - Indie of the Year Awards
And if that’s not enough, we also were one of the runner-ups on IndieDB’s Indie of the Year 2014 before the weekend, but have fallen way down during this last weekend. Like above, we would really appreciate if you also could give us your vote on IndieDB’s Indie of the Year 2014 too.

And again, vote from all the networks you have access to; home network, work, mobile, etc for maximum effect 😀

Just click here or click the image on the right to get to the voting page, it will only take two seconds 😀

Dec 032014

You walk into a Wasteland Bar, someone spills your beer… WAAAAGH! Get ready for WASTELAND BAR FIGHT!!!


We proudly announce that we have finally set a date for the release of Wasteland Bar Fight! So hold your beer tight, because on December 17th, someone will spill it out!


Far into the future after the apocalypse, humanity is striving for survival. And when humanity is striving, it’s only one thing that makes their day better…. BEER! Be sure to check out our new preview trailer made by one of our in-house developers. As one friend of ours put it: “Makes me thirsty! Way to go dudes!!”

Wasteland Bar Fight Android Release Date

That’s right! Wasteland Bar Fight will be available on Google Play for most Android devices, both phones and tablets, on December 17th! REJOICE!! And drink beer of course!

iOS and Windows Phone

I know what you Macolytes and Winphoners are thinking, will it ever be available on my favorite platform?! The answer we will provide you is YES!
Then you might ask, but.. but… WHEN?! And we will reply SOMETIME AFTER NEW YEARS!  – So no direct answer there really… But they WILL COME!

Spread the word!

Epocu Logo

We’re also running a campaign on Epocu to try and get as much coverage around the release as possible. And this is where you come in! Head on over to our campaign page,, and support us with a Tweet, Facebook post and/or tumblr post.

You might ask “But, but how does it really work?” And I will tell you, when you support us you say that when the campaign is over on December 18th, you will support us automagically with a Tweet, Facebook post and/or tumblr post. Everything is handled through the awesome platform that is Epocu. So head on over to and support us now and get ready for WASTELAND BAR FIGHT!!!

Wasteland Bar Fight Beta

If you can’t wait for the release to test out Wasteland Bar Fight, and you don’t mind a bug in your beer now and then; you can still join our open beta! Just head on over to Wasteland Bar Fight and join by hitting that Android button. Don’t forget to give us your feedback though! 🙂

App of the Year Awards

Vote on Wasteland Bar Fight for SlideDB App of the Year 2014

Don’t forget to vote on us in SlideDB App of the Year 2014! We managed to climb from 350th place when we posted about it on Monday and we’re currently around 34th place! So spread the word and keep voting and we might just get to the top 😀